Safety Padlock [72/30CAB-RED]


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  • Engravable aluminum padlock with flexible, coated stainless steel cable
  • Technology:

    • Same lock body as the compact safety padlock 72/30, but with a flexible cable instead of a shackle
    • Cable made of stainless steel, PU-sheathed
    • 3/16" cable diameter
    • Can be combined in keying systems together with 72/40, 72/30 and 74/40 safety padlocks
    • Key-retaining function: the key can only be removed when the padlock is properly locked
    • Available in 8 different colors
    • Available in 2 different cable lengths
    • Available keyed different, guaranteed keyed different, keyed alike and as master key system
  • Operation and use:

    • Can be used in situations where a rigid standard shackle reaches its limits
    • Can be used in situations where two or more points have to be locked out in small spaces, e.g. in an electrical control cabinet


Our anodized aluminum safety padlocks are an ideal choice for lockout applications because they are made of a very lightweight and non-magnetic material. The anodized lock body is the perfect surface for our custom laser engraving. You can have any individual name and/or number engraved on the padlocks which are available in many different colors. This makes identification of the lock's user very easy and fully complies with OSHA regulations.

At Safety Station we do our screen printing in-house. Embroidery is also available!  We offer competitive pricing and a quick turn around time.






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